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Infused Desserts

Discover a world of decadent delights with Kahlúa-infused desserts. This rich coffee liqueur, with its velvety smooth texture and sweet notes, elevates every treat to a gourmet experience. Imagine the perfect balance of coffee and sweetness enhancing your favorite desserts, from creamy cheesecakes to luscious tiramisu.

  • Producer | Viktor Axberg
  • Stills Photographer | Max Lander
  • Digitech | Nigel Perry
  • Set-design | Cristian Lind & Fanny Skoglund
  • Drink Stylist | Jakob Sundin @Purfict
  • Food Stylist | Monica Eisenmann
  • Project Manager | Pia Roos @The Mix
  • Art Director | Emma Back
  • Client | Giancarlo Martins @Kahlua