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Protecting Genius

The notion that genius is only associated with chess players and astrophysicists? Genius has been redefined. It ranges from combining new flavors to composing new songs to inventing new products. It’s the formation of an idea that can grow to change the course of the world. And it starts within you. So, write your songs. Weave your carpets. Tell your stories.

  • Producer | Joakim Ottander @ Parapix
  • DoP | Pontus Norberg
  • 1AC | Michael Korsgren
  • Gaffer | Luisa Fanciullaci
  • Props Master | Kim Björnsson
  • Editing | Linus Johansson @ Parapix
  • Grade | Edward Neguissie @Wgt
  • Sound | Markus Järvinen @ Efterklang
  • Online | Rajdarn @ Parapix