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Zirkonen is a unique fusion between dance performance and concert, created by the composer duo VAZ and Matilda Fleberg. This performance explores the human and the non-human; where fantasy, AI, ecocriticism, and surrealism meet in a modern creation myth.

The film is created as a teaser to the performance, trying to expose too many ideas and feelings to make sure the audience attending is not affected by predetermined thoughts. Shot on DV in natural light in a dance auditorium, the teaser explores a documentary feeling with a mix of modern aesthetics with dated technology.

  • Creative directors | VAZ & Matilda Fleberg
  • Director | Amanda Gylling
  • DoP | Max Lander @ Parapix
  • Dancers | Céline Diop, Christel Nilsen, Marco Wihlborg, Sean Ge
  • Movement designer | Matilda Fleberg
  • Music / Sound Design | VAZ
  • Fashion design | Beatrice Stenmark